Our services


AROGYA FOUNDATION has initiated dialysis service at SUVEKCHYA HOSPITAL. The Dialysis Unit is running having well equipped ICU backup at SUVEKCHYA HOSPITAL.

Dialysis is the process of removing waste products and excess fluid from the body. The procedure is used to treat patients with  Kidney Disease .


kidney disease is a challenging condition for the affected patient as well as for family. There are several different reasons for kidney failure, but the leading causes are inflammation in the kidney, longstanding diabetes and hypertension.
We provides nephrology services,including 
  • Nephrology consultation by Dr.Sumit Acharya ( Thursday day & Friday :7 am to 8 am ) and Dr. Sagar KD Shrestha (Sunday & Wednesday : 6 pm to 7 pm)
  • Dialysis service has been established with well equipped unit with  trained staffs, nursing and specialist service.
  • Dialysis services to inpatients as well as outpatients.